• Conveyor roller straight

    Straight roller conveyors are one of the basic types of roller conveyors with flat surfaces, not tilted, folded or curved.
    In terms of the composition of the straight roller conveyor we will review in the main article on the roller conveyor section, hereafter we will address some of the differences of straight roller conveyors with some types of roller conveyors other.
    Conveyor works on a flat surface, parallel to the ground, used to transport goods such as cartons, boxes, ...
    The design is simple, easy to disassemble and move, with or without wheel system depending on the requirements of each customer.
    The cost of producing straight roller conveyors is lower than roller folding conveyors, curved roller conveyors, folding roller conveyors, multidirectional roller conveyors, ...
    Conveyors are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ... depending on user requirements
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